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Web Developer, App Developer, Programming Tutor, Drummer, Sailor, Educator, DevOps Trainee, and more...

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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Edward Rees. I am currently a student at the University of San Francisco pursuing my Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree, with a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, with a Minor in Psychology in the Spring of 2022. I grew up in Hong Kong and lived there for most of my life up until I moved to San Francisco in 2018. When I'm not programming or working, I'm usually drumming or, when I'm in Hong Kong, sailing. In my free time, I serve as a mentor and tutor people programming.

My Story

I began programming in 2014. I started with the simple HTML and CSS-web design. Shortly after, in early 2015, I began playing around with Swift, Python, and Java. Throughout 2015-2016, I took a course on Python that served as an introductory course to programming. I learned the basics of Java in High School over a year long course on Computer Science covering the main aspects of Java throughout the winter of 2016 to the summer of 2017. During the summer of 2017, I learned the JavaScript framework of React and it's application of React Native to help build the College Selector. In the summer of 2018, I learned basic TypeScript, the JavaScript framework named Vue.js, played around with PHP and Kotlin.
I've taught and tutored Web Design, Python, Java, and C# to students varying in ages. During my Undergraduate years, I served as a Teacher's Assistant to our Introduction to C and Systems course, tutoring and helping University students increase their understanding of the C programming language.
Asides from tutoring and teaching, I've been deepening my own understanding of C++ and various Web technologies. I've also begun exploring the DevOps space with using more Cloud Services and a VPC.
In terms of teaching and pursuing education and becoming a teaching, I've often been asked why I made this decision. When I was in my first year of University, I realized how much I enjoyed explaining various concepts to my peers and teaching others programming concepts. I discovered my personal passion for education and helping others find their interest in Computer Science and programming, or on the flip side, helping others understand why programming may not be for them or why they don't enjoy it so much.

What can I do?

Web Development

I can help you create a website's front end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, I can help create a back end using NodeJS. Additional libraries for front end development include utilizing Bootstrap, Tailwindcss, React.js, and Vue.js.

Application Development

I can help you create a mobile application using React Native. Due to my limited Native Android and iOS experience, I can only help you create applications using React Native, but I can help guide you in the process of creating a mobile application regardless of the language of choice.

Programming Tutor

I can teach HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, C, and C#. It depends on what you want to do. I can help you understand any of the programming languages I have experience with.


MA, Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Single Subject Credential in Mathematics

BS, Computer Science
Major in Computer Science
Minor in Psychology
Magna Cum Laude

High School Diploma
High School in Hong Kong



Aug 2022-Present
George Washington High School
San Francisco, CA
Student Teacher
  • Student teacher for an Algebra 1 class.
  • Taught whole class instruction.
  • Supported student learning through eliciting student thinking.
  • Collaborated with other Mathematics teachers to plan for the future.

  • Sep 2020-Present
    University of San Francisco
    San Francisco, CA
    Computer Science TA, Tutor, and WebMaster

    Teacher Assistant

    • Updated and maintained the website for the CS221 Introduction to C and Systems Programming course
    • Graded Labs, Projects, and Assignments
    • Tutored students on topics of C


    • Updated and maintained the website for the Computer Science tutors
    • Updated and maintained the calendar for all Computer Science tutors


    • Tutored students in lower division undergraduate Computer Science classes
    • Tutored students in USF classes: CS110, CS112, CS212, CS221, CS245
    • Taught students how to debug their code

    Sep 2019-Present
    The Coder School
    San Francisco, CA
    Coding Coach
  • Teaching students from 8-17 programming in Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Java, and C#
  • Helped a student develop a mobile application using React Native
  • Taught a student data structures in Python
  • Taught a student how to create an autocorrect system using Python and a Trie data structure
  • Taught a student full stack development using the PERN Stack
  • Taught a student how to create a Graphical User Interface using C# and the .NET Framework
  • Taught Test Driven Development
  • Led three Summer camps teaching Python and basic web design

  • Oct 2015-Present
    S Plus Group Limited
    Hong Kong
    [Part-time] Technology Lead
  • Designed, developed, and published main website using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JavaScript, utilising GitHub Pages to host.
  • Advised and managed technology throughout the office.

  • Jan 2022-May 2022
    Gateway High School
    San Francisco, CA
    Fieldwork Mentee
  • Provided support with small group work in a 9th Grade Algebra Classroom
  • Led whole class activities including, but not limited to Note Taking, Group Discussions, Group Work, and preparation for a Socratic Seminar.

  • Aug 2021-Dec 2021
    Gateway Middle School
    San Francisco, CA
    Fieldwork Mentee
  • Provided support with small group work in a Seventh Grade Mathematics classroom
  • Provided support with lessons, keeping students focused and engaged

  • Aug 2020-Aug 2021
    MAST Education
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    Tutor and Mentor
  • Tutored students in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mentored students applying to Universities
  • Taught elementary Mathematics to underprivileged students in Hong Kong
  • Taught basic English to underprivileged students in Hong Kong

  • Jun 2021-Jul 2021
    Hong Kong International School
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
    Summer Intern

    Tasks on Coda

    • Created a service to simplify and contain the previous system of keeping notes on meetings between Students, Counselors, and Teachers, transitioning the previous system from a 200+ sheet spreadsheet into a single system, with a cleaner means to view and access data
    • Created a service to generate students names who haven't been met with yet to help ensure all students are met with
    • Implemented a reminder / notification system to ensure students are checked in with
    • Wrote a User Guide to explain how to use the service

    Tasks in Python

    • Using a Fuzzy string matching system, created a system to help filter through 10000 user addresses, removing duplicates and similar addresses, in order to find distinct addresses paired with individual users.
    • Created a simple file mover that takes basic information from a User Interface, built with SimplePyGui, to mass move files from a local directory into a Google Drive directory.
    • Created an automated web scraper, using Selenium and BeautifulSoup4, that logs in a user, then scrapes 150 pages in approximately 15 minutes to aid with yearly data processing.
    • Created an automated web scraper, using Selenium, that downloads a file, then parses the file, replacing empty values with NULL values, then updates an SQL Database, using mysql-connector-python.

    Tasks in JavaScript

    • Created an algorithm in Google AppScript that sends emails out to students based on flags set with data coming from a spreadsheet, propagated by form entries.
    • Aforementioned algorithm created to keep track of the last row checked to fix a crashing issue of continuous data input, overcrowding the previous mail sending system

    Tasks in PowerSchool

    • Updated the school's main page with the new built-in PowerSchool search, combining the old services with newer updated services
    • Created a Guardian search that searches for all guardians in a database based on the name, email, or phone number provided, with options for current or all students, along with selections for guardian type (Mother, Father, Guardian, etc)
    • Created a Student search that searches for students in the database based on their first, preferred, or last name, with an additional filter for grade level
    • Updated the student health page to include COVID related information - vaccinations, infection dates, etc - along with showing the information of infectious diseases and health concerns
    • Created a Student test view that shows a chart showcasing the students' test results over a period of time and how they've grown over that period. Test view includes a filter to allow for toggling and showing specific tests, to allow the user to choose which test to view. Each chart is accompanied by a table showing the raw data to provide the user with different views.
    • Created a guide to three new pages, explaining how to use the new search systems

    Jun 2020-Jun 2020
    Hong Kong
    Summer Intern
  • Assisted at creating a WordPress theme for a client
  • Used PHP, CSS, and JavaScript to create a WordPress theme and plugin to cater to the needs of the client

  • Mar 2019-Dec 2019
    PBI Health
    Technology Lead
  • Research on technology solutions
  • Migration of Email services
  • Advice regarding technology solutions
  • Using ReactJS, created the front-end website for their platform

  • Apr 2018-Sep 2019
    Share My Hub
    [Part Time] Front-end Developer
  • Provide design and functioning advice
  • Using Vue.js, created the front-end website for their platform

  • Jan 2019-Mar 2019
    Chain Dimenxxion
    Front-end Web Developer
  • Provide design and functioning advice
  • Using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and jQuery, created the front-end website for their platform

  • Sep 2015-Aug 2018
    Foodie Magazine
    Hong Kong
    [Part Time] Event Staff
  • Worked events including setting up and customer service

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